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All You Have to Know About Kegel Exercise for Men

by Monica Ma |

Kegel exercise for men is perhaps the best-kept secret of a man’s sexual health. Throughout this article, we’ll introduce you to the ins and outs of this simple workout routine that helps you to increase your sexual performance. Keep on reading to find out all you have to know about male Kegel exercises.


male sexual health

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There are plenty of sex exercises for men that help us to increase our sexual health and performance. Most of them do, however, require a regular and time-consuming workout routine on a daily basis. But what if we’d tell you that there is a different type of workout routine that increases your sexual health and performance? One that merely takes minutes of your time and can be easily performed at any time, anywhere. Not only is this workout extremely easy and fast, but it also is one of the most effective. This truly leaves you with no room for excuses why you shouldn’t give it a try!

What we are talking about here is Kegel exercise for men. When talking about Kegel exercise, most people directly think about women. It is widely known that Kegel exercise for women helps to fight accidental urine loss and increases vaginal tightness. A little-known fact is, however, that there also are Kegel exercise for men. Although they work a bit different than those performed by women, the idea is the same. Below, we’ll have a look at the most common questions that guys have about Kegel exercise for men.


What is Kegel exercise?

Kegel exercise is all about increasing the strength of your Pelvic Floor Muscles (PFM). These muscles, that are located around your genitalia, are the ones that you use, for instance, to cut off a stream of urine when you’re trying to hold your pee. During the 1940’s, Arnold Kegel first figured out how to exercise the PFM. For women, this can be achieved through the use of Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls. Kegel exercise for men, on the other hand, does not require any particular equipment.


How will Kegel exercise for men benefit me?

When we’re talking about the sexual health of a man, there are certain types of exercises that can help improve overall health and sexual performance. Comparable to having a prostate massage, Kegel exercise for men also bring along a wide range of benefits related to overall health, pleasure, and stamina. Male Kegel exercise even brings along a number of psychological advantages.


male kegel exercise

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Some of the biggest benefits that can be achieved by performing Kegel exercise for men are: relief from accidental urine loss, improvement of the blood flow to the penis, and reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction. Additionally, it helps you to increase your sexual stamina which, in turn, allows you to have better and longer sex as well as stronger and longer lasting orgasms.


Do I need equipment for male Kegel exercise?

As mentioned above, unlike women, we do not need any special equipment to perform Kegel exercise for men. The only thing necessary to start with our male Kegel exercise routine is to locate the PFM in our body. For men, this is the muscle in and around the penis that is used to stop a flow of urine. Simply think about the last time you went to the bathroom and imagine you want to hold your pee and now try to flex that same muscle. As you see, it is easier than it seems. The true benefit of Kegel exercise for men is that they can be performed anytime and anywhere. You can do them while watching TV, in the office, and even right now while you’re reading this article.


What kind of workout routine I have to follow?

At the beginning of this article, we promised that Kegel exercise for men are easy and do not require much of your time. We were not lying! Male Kegel exercise can be done even while you’re sitting or laying down and only takes a couple of minutes of your time.

As explained above, try to flex or contract your muscles, simulating the effort you make when you try to cut a flow of urine to stop urinating. Now, hold this contraction for around 5 seconds. After this, release and relax for 5 seconds. Repeat this motion for approximately 15-minutes. In total, perform this 15-minute exercise 3 times per day - morning, afternoon, and evening.


How to enhance my male Kegel exercises?

Your Kegel exercises for men are comparable to any other regular workout routine. At first, you start off slow and small. Once you get used to the exercise, you can slowly build your way up while your muscles are increasing in strength. Because you are not using any weights, you can’t increase the weight of your exercise over time. Instead, when doing your Kegel exercise for men, you simply increase the time to flex your muscles. Instead of having a 5-second rep followed by a 5-second break, try to increase to a 10-second or even 20-second rep followed by a 5-second break.


Performing Kegel exercise for men makes me feel weird; what to do?

Under normal circumstances, a person does not regularly flex his PFM. As of such, it might feel a little bit awkward at first when you’re performing your male Kegel exercises. This is, however, completely normal. Like with any other change in lifestyle, it takes some time to get used too. Simply stay optimistic and remember you’re doing this for a reason. After a while, you’re getting used to training these muscles and soon after you’ll first start to notice the first benefits.


How long does it take to see the results?

Kegel exercise for men might be easy to perform but, just as with any other type of workout, it takes time and commitment to see the results. When it comes to workouts, every human’s body reacts in a different way. Whereas some might feel results after several weeks, for others it might take two or three months. On average, a person who engages in male Kegel exercise for the first time sees results in three to six weeks. This is, however, if you stay committed to your workout routine. Just remember to have some patience and give it some time. After several weeks, you’re guaranteed to feel the results.


Male Kegel Exercise

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We at Luvkis truly believe that Kegel exercise for men is the best-kept secret when it comes to male sexual health and performance. Whether you’re experiencing trouble with urine control, having an erection, or simply wish to enjoy better and longer sex - male Kegel exercise will offer a solution!

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