Can Men Have Multiple Orgasms?

Can Men Have Multiple Orgasms? - Luvkis

When it comes to orgasms, men truly can be jealous of women. It’s true that, for most women, it is much more difficult to reach an orgasm compared to most men. However, once achieved, the sensation felt by a woman is something most men can only dream off. For most men, it may be hard to believe, but between foreplay and sex, a woman can achieve more than 10 orgasms in a single session. And that’s not all; these orgasms can last 10 to 30 seconds, each!

Men, on the other hand, are lucky to achieve a single orgasm that lasts for 5 seconds followed by an ejaculation and then an intense desire to sleep. Not something that sounds very appealing when compared to the sensations a woman can experience during the same activity in bed. But then again, just because most men achieve a short and single orgasm, does this really mean that there is no other way? Or is it perhaps also possible for men to have multiple orgasms? The answer to the question ‘’can men have multiple orgasms’’, may surprise you!

You might be surprised to know that male multiple orgasms have been a topic of discussion for thousands of years. It has been discussed in philosophy, religion, and spiritual teaching and it was first mentioned over 3000 years ago in ancient China. Over the years, both China and India developed two different sets of ideas compared to those of the West: Taoism and Tantra. Naturally, these philosophies are not focused on sex, however, they do have developed practices related to sex. In particular, certain parts of both philosophies focus on men and how they can last longer in bed. This was done mostly by studying methods on how men can achieve multiple orgasms.


Male multiple orgasm


Chinese (Taoist) ejaculation control

In Taoism, people believe that sperm should be kept inside the body as much as possible. Not necessarily because of sexual or religious reasons, but, instead, because of reasons related to internal energy. According to the Tao, sperm is an important depositor of energy. As of such, one should try to keep it inside of their body as much as possible. Because of this, Taoists have developed a number of different ways in which men can enjoy sexual intercourse without experiencing ejaculation. Through these methods, men are able to prolong their sexual activities in the bedroom and thus enjoy their partner for a longer period of time.


Indian (Tantra) ‘’valley orgasm’’

In Tantra, it is believed that achieving an orgasm is not the main purpose of sex. Instead, sex is seen as a way in which two adults can be close sexually, however, not necessarily in the way we see it in the West. In Tantric sex, a man inserts his penis into the female’s vagina, however, neither one of them makes the common sexual movements. Instead, the partners simply cuddle, kiss, hug, and be close in other ways during penetration. This type of ‘’slow sex’’ eventually leads to a feeling of enjoyment that penetrates the entire body; known as the valley orgasm’’.

To achieve a valley orgasm, Tantra promotes four aspects that include attention, sound, breath, and movement. At first sight, this may not seem very different from our Western type of sex as we also focus on the attention given to our partner, use of voice, and certain sexual movements. The main difference between Tantric and Western sex lies, however, in the breathing. Instead of associating sexual excitement with short and rushed breaths, Tantra promotes deep breathing techniques while having an orgasm in order to fully enjoy and prolong this blissful moment.


Male Orgasm Ejaculation 


Orgasms & ejaculation

When it comes to orgasm, men usually relate it to ejaculation. This is directly the main difference between men and women. Whereas a man ejaculates during an orgasm, (most) woman don’t.

The truth is, however, as taught by both Taoist and Tantra believes, that the male orgasm and ejaculation are NOT the same thing. Sure, they go hand in hand as one is usually followed by the other, however, they are not the same. It is a little-known fact that men can have an orgasm without ejaculation. And this is exactly what we have to keep in mind when it comes to the male multiple orgasm.


The refractory period & male multiple orgasms

After a man ejaculated, his body enters something called the refractory period. During this period, it is physically impossible for a man to get an erection and thus an orgasm. The length of the refractory period differs per person. Whereas some men may only have it for a couple of minutes, others may experience it for up to an hour or two.

The main reason why women can experience multiple orgasms lies in the fact that they do not experience a refractory period after having an orgasm. As of such, they can simply go on and on and experience numerous orgasms in a row. This shows us that the male refractory period is the real deal breaker when it comes to having a multiple orgasm.

As mentioned above, the male refractory period is triggered by ejaculation. And because ejaculation and having an orgasm are not the same thing, the key to achieving multiple orgasms is to have an orgasm without ejaculating as taught to us in Tao and Tantra beliefs. So, when you look at it this way, it does sound like male multiple orgasms are possible, yes? Well, yes! But achieving a (multiple) orgasm without ejaculation for men is more difficult than it seems.

For men to achieve a multiple orgasm, the key is to recognize that crucial moment just before your orgasm turns into ejaculation and then... STOP. By doing so, the pleasure spasms of having an orgasm will go through your body, allowing you to experience the same feeling as you would when having a real orgasm/ejaculation. However, due to the fact that you do not ejaculate, the penis stays erect so you can resume sex. You can repeat this process numerous times and thus experience multiple orgasmic experiences before, eventually, ejaculating.


male multiple orgasm


Being able to experience an orgasm without ejaculation is, sadly enough, not that easy. The key lies in controlling your pelvic floor muscles that allow you to hold ejaculation. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can be done through Kegel Exercise and other types of sex exercise. Training your pelvic floor muscles does, however, take time and exercise. Besides that; not only will you need to increase the strength of these muscles to hold ejaculation, you’ll also have to strengthen yourself mentally. Luckily, there always are sex toys for men that can help us to keep up an erection when it becomes difficult to do so on our own. It truly requires you to think about your climax in a different way as you’re forced to take into consideration your sexual awareness, knowledge of your own body, and the physical and mental things that turn you on.

So, to answer your question ‘’can men have multiple orgasms’’ we can straightforward say; YES. It is possible, however, it won’t be easy. Yet, once you have experienced it, you truly will be able to take your sex like to an entirely new height. It might take time and effort, but it certainly sounds like something worth trying!

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