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Time is Not an Excuse - 5 Minutes Sexy Things

by Monica Ma |

In today’s world, time often is an issue. We wake up early in the morning, get ready to work, and come back late in the evening to have dinner and sleep. During the couple of free hours we do have for ourselves, we often still find ourselves worrying about our jobs or we simply are too tired to do something fun. As a result, having no time or being simply too busy or too tired often is an excuse not to have sex. But did you know that having sex can actually help you reduce stress and that it lets your sleep better? In fact, both sex and masturbation bring along an abundance of benefits that are essential for a good sexual health and a healthy relationship. As of such, it is important to stay sexually active with your partner even if time does not always allow.

At Luvkis, we recognize the fact that time is precious, however, we never believe that ‘’being too busy’’ should be an excuse for not having sex! Sure, we are all busy sometimes, but this does not mean that we can’t have fun! Below, we have listed down 5 sexy ways in which you can make every second count. These sexy things are guaranteed to spice up your relationship and, the best thing is, they won’t take more than 5 minutes! Check out these 5 sexy ways to spend 5 exciting minutes with your partner.


Shower together

Not having a lot of time does not always have to be a disadvantage when it comes to doing something sexy. In fact, there are many ways to turn this lack of time to an advantage instead. Think about your morning shower, for example. Nobody likes it to wait for their partner until the bathroom is free, especially not when you are in a hurry. So, why not shower together?


shower together man woman


By taking a quick 5-minute shower together in the morning you have enough time to wash yourselves and to be intimate. Added to that, you also save water which, in turn, saves you money and is better for the environment. While in the shower together, you can tease around a bit with your hands and mouth or use a waterproof sex toy such as a vibrator to please each other. Starting off your day in this exciting way takes no more than 5 minutes and is guaranteed to light up your mood for the day ahead.


Masturbate together

If you only have a couple of minutes together a great sexy way to spend your time is to masturbate in front of each other. And by this, we do not mean masturbate each other. That’s right, masturbate yourself while you’re in your partner’s presence. Mutual masturbation is exciting, sexy, and it brings along a number of benefits for a healthier relationship. If you only have 5 minutes, you can simply tease around a bit by kissing each other and touching yourself, or you can hold a race to see who of you can finish themselves faster. In the case of the latter, you can try to distract your partner from climaxing. This offers a silly yet exciting way to have 5 minutes of sexual fun.


Experience a forced orgasm

Masturbation is something you can enjoy at any time of the day, however, reaching an orgasm often takes more than 5 minutes of simple play. But does it really have to be this way? The truth is, there is nothing more effective than a powerful vibrator or wand massager to make your partner enjoy complete ecstasy resulting in a strong forced orgasm.


wand vibrator luvkis


Using a powerful vibrator or wand massager to force your partner to climax in a couple of minutes is not only fun and exciting, it also adds another kink factor. To add some more excitement and teasing into the game, you can use a remotely controlled sex toy to further please and tease your partner. Believe us, with the right sex toys and the right mood, reaching an orgasm really does not have to take more than 5 minutes!


Have a quickie

When we imagine the perfect sex, we often think about an exciting night filled with cuddling, foreplay, and long-lasting sex. We spend so much time trying to make sex last longer that we often forget how much fun it can be to let yourself go and just have an exciting quickie. The truth is, there is no right or wrong way to do it when it comes to having a quickie. The easiest way to do so, however, is to get rid only of the essential clothing pieces such as your underwear and pants and make use of any furniture piece nearby. This saves you from wasting your time going to the bedroom and getting undressed. By doing so, you’ll be ready for some quick sex that is guaranteed to blow your mind.


Give sexting a try

In today’s technology-driven world, not all sexual contact with your partner has to be physical. In fact, there are plenty of exciting ways to tease your partner from a distance. After all, in our digital world, everything has become faster and easier. So, why not take this to our advantage and use it to spice up our sex life?




Sexting is nothing more than sending an erotic and tempting message or picture to your partner in order to tease him or to turn him on. Sexting only takes a couple of seconds and it can be done throughout the day at any time. It offers you a fun and exciting way to tease your partner at a moment he least expects it. Doing so is guaranteed to spice up the day of your partner and might even set the right mood for the evening ahead when the two of you come home.

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