Don’t Make These Common Mistakes in Bed

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes in Bed - Luvkis

Having sex is one of the best feelings we can experience. Whether it’s with our partner or a random hook-up, there simply is nothing that beats the feeling of sex. On top of that, sex and masturbating are good for your health and we all know how to do it - so what could possibly be better?! However, although we might think it’s all simple and straightforward, there still are quite a few mistakes that we all make in bed.


Common Mistakes in Bed
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By these mistakes, we don’t mean actual mistakes on how to perform the best sex as this is something that highly depends on your personal taste and preferences. Instead, we’re talking about the larger and more general mistakes people make in bed that can turn an exciting evening into an awkward event. Below, Luvkis has listed down the most common mistakes we all make in bed as well as some general tips on how to avoid them. So keep on reading and make sure that your next sexual adventure won’t end up as a disaster.


1) Not Being Honest

Every now and then, we all wish that we were able to read the mind of our partner to see what he or she is thinking about us. This is especially the case when it comes to dating and sex. After all, you don’t want to disappoint your partner in the bedroom; do you?! Being honest with one another when it comes to sex is extremely important. This is not only the case when it comes down to whether you were satisfied with the sex itself, but also on other topics such as being honest on what you’re looking for in a sexual relationship.

It goes without saying that, when you share with your partner what kind of sex you enjoy, the actual act of sharing the bed together will be much more rewarding for both of you. But there is more. Before having sex with someone, make sure to tell them whether you’re only looking for a hookup or for a long-term relationship. Like this, you can avoid any misunderstandings and potential drama.


2) Not Taking Control

Sex is a wonderful thing, but the truth is that everybody enjoys it in a different way because our sexual anatomies are varied. As of such, no one knows exactly what turns you on as you do. Therefore, it is important not to be shy when you’re making out with a new partner for the first time. Feel free to take control and guide or teach him how to please you well. When doing so, keep in mind the three Ps of pleasure: pressure, pace, and place. By teaching your partner how to touch you in the right way, both of you are guaranteed to enjoy the sex a whole lot more.


3) Having a Lack of Confidence

There are many people out there who do not feel confident about their bodies or sexual performance. The truth is, most of us do not consider ourselves to be good looking. This is completely normal, however, it should never become a burden to your sex life! If you happen to feel insecure about your body, don’t show this to your partner and try not to discuss it with him either. Just the fact that your partner is sharing his bed with you means that he’s likely finding you irresistibly sexy as you are. As of such, there is no reason to feel unconfined. Instead, be happy your partner is attracted to you and stop worrying - simply let yourself go!


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4) Getting Distracted

From time to time, we all get distracted - even when we’re having sex. Sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves and our mind wanders off to something else. Whether it’s stressing about work, worrying about an ongoing project, or thinking about something small and simple like how to make your dog stop scratching the bathroom door - there is plenty of distraction that can truly ruin your mood during sex. The truth is, however, that if you truly want to enjoy the sex, you should focus on the sex that you’re having.

Sure, we admit that it’s not simple to switch off your brain and forget about everything that’s going on in your everyday life. This is especially the case when you’re stressed or some big changes are about the happen in your life. One great way to forget about everyday life for a while is to focus on each touch and sensation you’re feeling on your body while having sex and, when doing so, narrate them to yourself. Think, for instance ‘’oh, he just gave me shivers up my spine when he kissed my neck’’, or ‘’I love it when his hands are sliding down my body’’. By doing so, you’ll be fully concentrated on your partner and the exciting sex that you’re having - allowing you to enjoy it even more.


5) Being too Quiet (or Loud)

Everyone who has ever watched porn before knows that the sounds couples make in those movies are far from the sounds we like to make in bed with our partners. However, while loudly faking an orgasm is often associated with a cheap and poorly acted porn movie, staying silent during sex can be just as much as a turn-off to your partner. After all, nobody likes to make love to a partner who’s just laying there doing nothing like a sack of potatoes, right?

By simply making some light moans, groans, and verbal encouragement, you’ll be able to stimulate your partner and show him that he’s doing something you like. After all, your pleasure and enjoyment is not something that should be kept away from your partner. Believe us when we’re saying that, when your partner knows you’re enjoying, he’ll enjoy a whole lot more himself as well!

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