How To Deal With Your Partner’s Impotency

How To Deal With Your Partner’s Impotency - Luvkis

Although men and women don’t like to think about it, sexual impotency is something we all have to deal with sooner or later. In fact, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation disorder are the most common sexual problems in men. And even though there are ways to avoid erectile dysfunction, once we grow older, the chances are increasing that, one day, we’re fooling around with our partner but, for whatever reason, it’s just not happening for him. No matter what you do, your partner simply can’t get it up. This is guaranteed to lead to a shock and disappointment, leaving you both feeling a bit deflated. 

Even though sexual impotency and erectile dysfunction are common, it’s still hard to deal with it for the man and woman in a relationship. Naturally, the man will feel bad and, in most cases, embarrassed. The woman, on the other hand, is likely to feel a bit disappointed and awkward, not knowing how to react and deal with the situation when it happens for the first time. It has to be understood, however, that reacting in a wrong way likely is only making the situation worse.


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Below, Luvkis has listed down some simple do’s and don’ts when it comes to reacting and responding to your male partner’s sexual impotence. Keep these tips in mind, and make sure that an already sad and disappointed moment won’t turn any worse!


Don’t Freak Out

The first and most important thing to keep in mind as a woman when dealing with your partner’s impotency for the first time is not to freak out. Remember, this is not about you! Your partner knows very well what’s going on down there. When you freak out about it, it will just make him feel more confused, sad, and embarrassed. Remember, there are many factors that can play a role in your partner being unable to get an erection at a certain moment. And just because it happens once, does not directly mean that he is impotence. Stress, lack of sleep, and other health issues can all lead to erectile dysfunction from time to time.


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Whenever this happens (whether it’s the first time or it has happened before), don’t assume or ask him whether you are the problem. Believe us, you are not the problem and asking him will only make him feel more guilty and insecure. Remember that whatever negative thought is rolling out of your mouth at this moment will only make things worse.


Do Stay Cool

Remember that when this happens, your partner’s mind is likely going to be full of flashing lights and sirens; telling him that something is wrong. In this situation, the best thing you can do is stay calm and try to make him feel at ease. You can do this by saying things like ‘’let’s slow down for a minute’’ or ‘’why don’t you touch me for a while?’’. The latter suggestion is essential as you have to keep in mind that a successful sexual encounter is not just about him getting off. There are other ways in which you can please each other through which both you and your partner can still have a lot of fun!


Don’t Focus Too Much On This Penis

When you realize that your partner is having difficulties in getting it up, don’t start to try harder in different ways. Resorting to oral sex or different hand job techniques are likely not going to help and will add more pressure to him. Remember, there can be many reasons for your partner’s impotency and simply changing tactic won’t solve these issues. The harder you try to please him, the more insecure your partner will feel when he’s still unable to come to an erection.


Do Come Up with Different Ways to Have Sex

As slightly suggested above, sex is not only about a male inserting his penis into a woman’s vagina. In fact, there are countless different ways to have fun and become sexually stimulated. As long as you’re both enjoying your time together, it does not matter whether you’re getting your pleasure through real sex, a hand job, or oral sex. In fact, there are countless ways that allow you to stimulate one another sexually, one more alternative than the other. There even are certain sex toys for men that can help him to get it up. Just because your partner is experiencing difficulties in getting an erection does not mean that this is the end of your sex life.


Don’t Let Him Use His Impotency As An Excuse

There are guys out there who blame their sudden impotency on using a condom. It is true that condoms can lessen the sexual sensitivity for a guy, however, this should not be a reason not to use one at all. Simply have a pack of your favorite condoms at hand at all time. When you run into a man who’s using his impotency as an excuse to have unprotected sex, we’d highly advise you to reject his suggestion. Unless this person is your husband, we would advise you to tell this person to take his issues elsewhere.

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