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Most Common Sex Injuries - Luvkis

We might not often think about it, but sex injuries are a serious thing! In fact, a survey held in 2010 revealed that nearly 5% of us have taken off time from work due to an injury that has occurred during sex. And although we are often reminded about having ‘’safe sex’’ in terms of using a condom, we never get warned for actual sex injuries that may occur while having fun. This makes us wonder, how safe IS sex really?


Common Sex Injuries
Source: WebMD


Based on the 8 most common sex injuries listed down below, the answer is ‘’not very’’! So, does this mean that we should all wear helmets during sex? Keep on reading to find out what sex injuries may occur when you’re not careful in the bedroom.


Broken Bones

Although less common, broken bones surely do occur during sex. Especially the extremities are likely to suffer from an unfortunate break when having rough sex. Every year, emergency rooms across the globe are filled with people who suffer from bent back fingers and stubbed toes. It does, however, not stop there. Besides the fingers and toes, ribs are often broken as well by couples who roll off the bed or slip in the shower.


Broken Penis

There may not be any bones in the penis, but a penile fracture is very real. Besides being real, they are furthermore very common as well. The penis is sensitive and easy to break when exposed to force. Fun little fact: it’s not only vigorous sex that can cause the blood vessels in the penis to break. Falling over on your erected penis or accidentally hitting it onto something may cause it to fracture as well. So remember guys, don’t run with an erected penis!


Carpet Burns

Although less serious, carpet burns are one of the most common sex injuries. After all, nothing tells your friends and colleagues that you had a wild night with your partner like friction burns on your knees or elbows. Luckily, carpet burns are easy to heal and do not require you to visit the hospital.


Injured Muscles

From time to time, we all get too excited. This is especially the case in the bedroom. When we’re with our partner, it’s normal that we sometimes overestimate our gymnastic abilities when trying out a new position. The problem with pulled muscles is, however, that we often do not notice them until the morning after. After all, the body is too numbed by endorphins when having sex. As of such, it’s not uncommon to wake up the next morning with a stiff neck or painful back.


Vaginal Injuries

Just like the penis, the vagina also can get injured during sex. Although the vagina is tough and can withstand more physical treatment than nearly any other human organ, it is not invincible. The most common vaginal injuries that occur during rough sex are internal scratches and bruises. These are often the result of a lack of lubricant. Luckily, this problem can easily be solved by applying lube in the right way.



In medical terms, you get a pink-eye when a foreign substance is introduced to your eye. And when it’s about sex, I guess we all know what ‘’foreign substance’’ we’re talking about! However, there also is another type of pink-eye that occurs when you rupture a blood vessel in your eye from orgasming or screaming during sex. Although it might sound silly, it does happen quite often. Luckily for us, this problem solves itself within just a couple of days.


Lost Condoms or Toys

Using a condom correctly offers plenty of protection and health benefits when having sex. However, they can still go wrong! It is not uncommon for a condom to slide off and get stuck inside the vagina when having sex. When this happens, you’re likely going to need a trip to ER. Besides them getting stuck in a woman’s vagina, there also are stories about condoms being inhaled or swallowed during oral sex. So the next time you’re giving your partner an exciting BJ, make sure the condom is properly applied. Besides condoms, other objects such as sex toys are also common to get stuck in a woman’s vagina or person’s anus.


Bites, Bruises, Hickies

The number one most common sex injury certainly are bites, bruises, and hickies. Bruises are easy to obtain when accidentally bumping into something or through spanking. Hickies occur when your partner can’t leave your sexy neck alone when the two of you get busy under the blanket. Luckily, both injuries are minor and will heal with time. Bites, on the other hand, can be more serious. Not only can bites leave you with wounds and scars, but in some cases, they may even lead to paralyzes or death. So the next time you’re sticking your teeth into your partner, make sure to be gentle!

And there you have it, the most common sex injuries for men and women. I guess it’s true when people say that love hurts! What’s the worse injury you have picked up during sex? Let us know in the comment section below.

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