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Summer is the time for relaxation, love, and travel. According to recent studies, couples are up to 50% more likely to get intimate while they are traveling together. As people tend to be more relaxed during the holidays and spend more time together, their sex drive and love for each other grows. On top of that, the new surroundings of a foreign country further enhance people’s will for adventure and excitement. As of such, we also see an increase in the purchase of sex toys just before and during the summer months.


travel with sex toys


Because our sex drive increases while on holiday, it’s not more than normal that many of us wish to take along their favorite sex toys while traveling. Whether somebody travels alone or with a partner, it’s fairly common to take sex toys along with you on holiday. When doing so however, there are two main questions to consider. How do you travel with sex toys? And is it legal?

Well, let’s first have a look at the second questions. Did you know that there are some countries where sex toys are illegal? Yes, you read it right! There are some countries around the globe where sex toys are considered to be obscene. So, if you travel to these countries, it might be better to think twice before packing your favorite dildo or vibrator. You can check out our previous article to find a full list of countries where sex toys are illegal.

But hey, just because sex toys are not allowed in these countries does not mean you can not take them with you. In today’s adult toy industry, there are plenty of toys available that look nothing like a traditional sex toy. Thanks to their discreet look, they can be easily hidden in plain sight while traveling to one of these countries. Nevertheless, we would advice you to always be careful. After all, it wouldn’t be worth it to pay a large penalty or end up in jail for having a silicone cock in your suitcase.

If you really wish to take along your sex toy on your upcoming vacation, then at least try to do it as discreet as possible. Below, we will introduce to you 5 tips on how to travel discreetly with sex toys during your summer vacation. With these tips in mind, your chances of getting busted and ending up in an awkward situation will drop significantly.


1) Keep it Discreet

Our first tip on traveling with sex toys is to keep it discreet. Not all sex toys for women necessarily have to look like male genitalia. In fact, there are plenty of small mini massagers or wand massagers that look nothing like an original adult toy. Besides looking innocent, mini massagers are furthermore very easy to slide in your purse or suitcase while traveling without taking up any space.


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Another sex toy that can be easily carried through airport security are Kegel Balls. You can simply leave your Ben Wa Balls inside your cosmetics bag while traveling as chances are low that the airport security knows what they are actually used for. If you wish to be completely on the safe-side, however, you can always wear them inside of your vagina while going through security.


2) Stay Cool

Even if you’re traveling to a country where sex toys are not allowed, it’s, in most cases, not a major crime if you get caught by security. In most cases, the worst thing that can happen to you is being stuck in an awkward chat with customs and having your sex toy taken away from you.


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So what to do if you wish to save yourself from an awkward moment with airport security? Stay cool! You know that customs officials are trained to spot people who look nervous and act different while waiting their turn for the security check. If you look only slightly suspicious, chances are that they will pick you out and ask you to open your bag. So remember to keep your head cool and stay confident. After all, you’re not really doing anything wrong. If you get busted in a country where it is illegal, the best thing to do is play dumb. Act as if you did not realize you were not allowed to take your sex toy into the country or pretend it is something else.


3) Empty Your Batteries

As of late, there are some stories going around of vibrators accidentally turning themselves on. This normally happens when your bag is being handled by airport security, or in mid-flight. And although some modern vibrators may have a lock on them to prevent them from turning on by themselves, most of them don’t.


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The easiest way to take away the risks of your vibrator turning itself on is to simply drain the battery before traveling. With an empty battery, you no longer have to worry about your sex toy starting to buzz inside your bag while you’re enjoying your flight. This will save you from a possible embarrassing moment at the airport and furthermore won’t cause any delays to other travelers waiting in line.


4) Lubes, Lotions, and Toy Cleaners

The general 100ml rule applies to all liquids you wish to take inside the airplane. This means that you should also keep this in mind when traveling with lubes, lotions, or toy cleaners. Put them inside a small plastic bottle that contains no more than 100ml and keep them inside a clear bag. If you do this, you should not have any trouble getting through airport security.


airport security lube


Additionally, you can simply put them in your large suitcase. After all, you won’t need your lubes inside the airplane anyway. Just remember to wrap your bottles individually. In case one starts leaking, it won’t mess up your entire bag.


5) Traveling To a Place Where Sex Toys Are Legal?

Great! That takes away a lot of worries about ending up in an awkward situation. Nevertheless, it’s still a smart idea to follow the tips given above. Pack light, drain your batteries, and don’t take more than 100ml of liquid at once. Also, consider taking small toys instead of big ones. Airport security is strict and countries thoroughly scan all baggage coming in and out. So think to yourself, do you really want the customs to see that you’re carrying along a large fake penis?


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After reading through these 5 tips, you should be all set to travel with your favorite sex toys. Just follow our rules, keep it discreet, and stay calm. After all, there is not much to worry about. Just relax and think about the amazing holiday ahead!

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