Adult Toys Sales Skyrocket Before World Cup Kick-Off

Adult Toys Sales Skyrocket Before World Cup Kick-Off - Luvkis

Today is the day that many of us (mostly men) have been anxiously waiting for for the past four years – the world Cup 2018 kick-off! And while your husband or boyfriend is excitingly waiting for its favorite country to score, you may be lonely in the bedroom trying to get a ‘’score’’ yourself. Lucky for all the ladies out there, there are plenty of good sex toys for women available. These fun toys will get you through the upcoming month in which most of you can not expect too much of your sports-loving husband.


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And it seems that most ladies have already realized that they won’t have to expect too much from their man during the World Cup period. It’s not a secret that during the weeks before the World Cup kicks off, the sale of sex toys skyrockets. But what is interesting, however, is that it’s not mostly women who are buying these toys; but men!

The funny thing is that an increasing number of men buy adult toys for their ladies in the weeks before the World Cup kicks off. On average, adult sex toy sales are split quite evenly between men and women. However, when a big sports tournament is about to kick off, the number of males buying adult toys surpasses the number of females significantly. They do, however, not buy these toys for themselves but for their girls instead. This can be concluded as the vast majority of them buy female toys instead of male toys. And this does not only happen before the FIFA World Cup. In fact, there is an increase of adult toy sales among men before many major sports tournaments. Think for example about sports events such as the Super Bowl, Champions League, and Tour de France.


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Not only does the number of sales increase, the average amount spent on adult toys also increases. Basically, this means that men are more likely to treat their girls with expensive sexy gifts around the time of a large sports tournament. Whether this is a silent hint to the girl to leave them alone, a way to express their excitement, or just a funny joke about the ‘’upcoming loneliness’’; we don’t know. But does it matter after all? Even if your man will be too busy with his games for a month, at least you’ll have a way to distract yourself! The sports games themselves might not excite you that much, but at least you’ll have your adult toys to turn yourself on. Just make sure that afterwards, he’ll do his best to please you just as much or even better than this expensive adult toy he bought for you.


Best Adult Toys:

Luckily, not all adult toys have to be expensive. Nowadays, there are plenty of cheap sex toys available that do not cost too much but that are sure to do the trick! At Luvkis, we offer a wide range of high-end sex toys for sale at an affordable price. Whether you wish to spoil your girl with a new vibrator or buy yourself a cock ring – our webshop has it all. For the curious men among us who want to try out an adult toy themselves but do not know what to pick, we have written a useful guide on the best sex toys for men. The men who still have enough energy to please their woman after watching an exciting sports game might also want to check out our best sex toys for couples.


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So ladies, what is your thought on husbands and boyfriends who temporary check out from a relationship to watch sports? And does this situation change if he would spoil you with a nice little vibrating gift to get through the lonely nights ahead? And guys, have you ever bought an adult toy for your girl in the weeks prior to a sports event? If so, what was your reason? Let us know your opinion and experiences in the comment section below.

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