Summer Vacation? Don’t Take Your Sex Toys To These Countries!

Summer Vacation? Don’t Take Your Sex Toys To These Countries! - Luvkis

Did you know that there are countries where sex toys are illegal? Yes, that’s right. Some countries consider adult toys obscene and group them together with pornographic materials. In some places, you might even end up in jail for bringing along your lovely sex toy! So before you head out on your upcoming summer vacation, make sure to check out this list of countries were sex toys are illegal. After all, nobody would like to explain to their parents that they’re stuck in a South East Asian jail for ‘’smuggling’’ a fake dick into the country.


Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a beautiful holiday destination that offers a stunning desert landscape, ancient tombs, buzzing bazaars, and breathtaking diving experiences. Although the country seems to offer a lot of fun and adventure, there are some types of ‘’fun’’ which it does not allow. Take sex toys for example. Saudi Arabia is one of those countries where sex toys are illegal. Inside the country itself it is very hard to get by an adult toy and bringing one into the country can get you into trouble.


sex toys saudi arabia


The reason why sex toys are illegal in Saudi Arabia lies at the fact that they are banned under Islamic Law. Sex toys, just as pornography, are considered to be a dirty item that one should not possess. Because of this, you may get into trouble when trying to bring your vibrator into the country. In fact, customs may even take away less erotic body massagers such as wand massagers. Whether your adult toy gets taken away from you upon inspection depends on the individual who is checking your bag. While some may confiscate your toy, others may let it slip.


The United Arab Emirates

Places like Dubai seem very modern and advanced to the naked eye due to their massive skyscrapers, elite hotels, stunning beach resorts, and indoor skiing slopes. Nevertheless, you should not forget that the UAE is, just like Saudi Arabia, a Muslim region that puts high importance on Islamic morals and values.


UAE sex toys


As of such, sex toys are banned. Not only are they illegal (and nearly impossible) to buy inside the UAE themselves, it is also not allowed to bring them into the country as a tourist. When caught, it is highly likely that your adult toy will be taken away from you.



One of the other countries where sex toys are illegal is Malaysia. This South Asian country is a popular holiday destination among Western foreigners who come there to enjoy the stunning landscapes, spicy food, and beautiful cities. It also has many romantic hideouts for loving couples. If, however, you choose to explore this country with your lover, make sure not to bring any sex toys to spice up the fun!


malaysia sex toys


According to the Malaysian Penal Code, it is illegal to sell, distribute, or posses any obscene items. Hereby you can think about books, pamphlets, magazines, toys, DVDs, and even drawings. The punishment of breaking this law in Malaysia are a bit higher than those compared to Saudi Arabia or the UAE. When you are caught with a sex toy in Malaysia (or any pornographic material), you can be punished with up to three years of imprisonment.



Thailand is one of the most popular holiday destinations in South East Asia among young backpackers. The country offers a cheap place to have fun, go on adventure, and try delicious food. It’s not a complete surprise that it is filled with Western youngsters. These backpackers stop by for a short holiday of partying and fun. The country is famous among young people for its crazy nightlife in tourist areas. Nevertheless, it has to be understood that the actual local culture is quite traditional.


thailand sex toys


Because of this, certain items that are considered normal in Europe or the USA, are in fact illegal in Thailand. And one of these items are, you guessed it, sex toys which fall under Thailand’s list of prohibited goods. If you get caught trying to take your sex toy into the country, the chances are that they will be taken away from you.



One of my personal favorites when it comes to traveling in Asia is Vietnam. This peaceful country offers breathtaking landscapes, delicious foods, and stunning beaches. On top of that, the locals will be some of the friendliest people you’ll meet in your life. Although this country has a lot to offer for tourists, it’s important to know that foreigners are not allowed to bring sex toys into the country.


Vietnam sex toys


Although the punishments are not that harsh, it may still lead to an embarrassing moment on the airport. If you get caught trying to take an adult toy into the country, custom officials are forced to take it away from you. But fear not – it will be returned to you again when you exit the country. Nevertheless, it’s better to safe yourself from the trouble and simply not try to take your toy at all when traveling in Vietnam.



The Maldives are famous for their stunning blue waters, spotless white beaches, beautiful coral, tropical fish, and magnificent caves. The country is a popular holiday destination under couples that just got married. In fact, many couples from around the world choose it for their Honeymoon destination. But if you’re planning to get romantic while spending your time in the Maldives, just remember one thing. Sex toys are illegal!


Maldives sex toys


That’s right, in the Maldives any pornographic material including toys, DVDs, magazines etc. are not allowed. According to the Maldives Customs Service website, adult toys fall under the list of prohibited items. Because of this, they are not allowed to be taken into the country. Therefore, the chances are that they will be taken away from you. So be careful when you arrive at the airport with a dildo or vibrator in your bag.



If you love culture, history, and food, then India is the right place for you. With its thousand’s years of history, this beautiful country has plenty to offer. It comes with a dazzling mix of people, landscapes and different traditions. But although its society may be vibrant, you won’t be feeling the vibrations of any sex toys while staying in India. The reason? According to the Indian Penal Code, any item that can be deemed to be obscene is illegal. Hereby you can think about drawings, books, movies, or any other objects that are visible related to sex or pornography.


India Sex Toys


The law in India is, however, a bit more hazy compared to other countries. In India, products are only deemed obscene if they look like a private part. This means that the shape and design of an adult toy are important in deciding whether that particular toy is legal or not. Whereas normal looking massagers such as a Magic Wand Massager may be legal, dildos that look like a real private part are not.


Alabama (USA)

I know what you’re thinking – America? Yes, America! Ever since 1998, it is considered to be a criminal offence to sell sex toys in Alabama. According to the law, it is not allowed to sell any device that has been designed or is marketed to bring stimulation to the human genital organs.


alabama sex toys


You are, however, not stopped from bringing your own toys into the state for personal usage. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about being stopped at the state border when crossing it. So feel free to fill up your suitcase with your favorite sex toys and head over to Alabama for a fun summer holiday!


Final Note:

The 8 places stated above are the countries (and states) of which we know that sex toys are not accepted. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to come up with an entire list of countries were sex toys are illegal. Therefore, Luvkis would always advice you to check the customs website of any country before entering it. If you really wish to bring along a sex toy, pick something which is discreet. And if you really do not want to get yourself into trouble, just leave it at home.

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