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In These Countries People Love Sex Toys The Most

by Monica Ma |

Sex toys are more popular than ever. Whether it’s a classic vibrator or a new set of Kegel Balls, people around the globe surely love to buy adult toys. Naturally, some countries are hornier than others when it comes to sex toys. And would it not be interesting to know where people are the most interested in adult toys? Well, the World Sex Toy Rankings tell us just that! This ranking shows us exactly how frequently people in a certain country look for sex toys online.


These countries love sex toys the most:

Although you might feel like your country has to be ranked first due to only your personal searches alone, you might be surprised that Denmark is actually ranking first. The Danes are followed by Sweden and Greenland – proving that people in the North are the most sex toy happy.


sex toy raking global


Out of every 1000 internet users in Denmark (in the year 2017), there are 118 searches for adult toys. The Swedes rank proudly second with 115 searches per 1000 people followed surprisingly by Greenland (108), the United States (104) and the United Kingdom (96).

For those of you who want to get into stereotypes, we can state that France – commonly seen as one of the most romantic countries – has let itself down with only 74 searches per 1000 internet users. This has awarded them the 15th place on the list. France is followed by two more European countries which are Finland (73) and Greece (71).


global sex toy ranking


”Europe dominates the sex toy market”

In fact, the top 20 of the World Sex Toy Rankings is mainly dominated by European countries. There are some outsiders in the top (USA with 104 searches and Australia with 82), but not many. Another country that has left us surprised is Japan. Japan is commonly believed to be one of the horniest countries in the world. It turns out, however, that the people over there are not that fond of sex toys. Surprisingly, they only rank 43rd on the list with 44 searches per 1000 internet users. All the way at the bottom of the list, you’ll find India along with Bangladesh. In these places, merely 6 out of 1000 people searches for sex toys online.


Looking for sex toys?

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