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Underwater Sex - Is it safe?

by Monica Ma |

We have all seen those romantic love movies in which a couple is having underwater sex. Whether it’s a pool, hot tub, lake, or shower - underwater sex always seems exciting. The problem with having sex underwater is, however, that it is not as sexy in real life as it is on TV or in the movies. In fact, there are a number of issues that, if you don’t keep them in mind, can completely ruin this seemingly thrilling experience. Below, LUVKIS will briefly share with you the things to keep in mind when having underwater sex. For those of you who really want to give it a try, we have listed down some convenient tips that will help you have safe sex underwater. Keep on reading to find out all you have to know about safe underwater sex.


Is it safe to have sex underwater?

One of the main concerns about having underwater sex is related to safety. Many people have heard horror stories about couples who had sex underwater and, as a result, suffered from some nasty infections or sicknesses. As of such, the vast majority of people are asking themselves whether it is safe to have sex underwater.


underwater sex


When you are planning to have sex underwater, there are, indeed, several things you have to keep in mind. It is true that underwater sex does bring along some threats. With respect to safety, there are two main issues: irritation and infection. Whether you have sex in a pool or a natural source of water, there always will be plenty of bacteria inside the water. Especially natural waters such as a river, lake, or the sea contain a high amount of bacteria that may cause possible infections. When having unprotected sex in a natural water source, the chances are high that microbes will enter the female’s vagina. When this happens, there is a risk that she might suffer from sicknesses or bladder infection. These illnesses may not appear instantly, but instead, they can show up after a couple of days or even weeks. As of such, you can never be sure whether your underwater sex adventure has left you with a nasty infection until after all the fun and excitement has ended.

So, having sex in natural water sources may not be a very smart idea. What about swimming pools? We all know that swimming pools contain chlorine to kill bacteria, right? Well, yes. In most cases, this is the truth and swimming pools should contain enough chlorine to kill any nasty bacteria. This is, however, not always the case as there are plenty of pools out there that do not regularly check their chlorine levels. But let’s assume a pools chlorine levels are okay and there are no nasty bacteria present. Is it then safe to have underwater pool sex? Well, the answer to that question still is: NO, not really.


pool sex


Even if the chlorine levels are perfect and the pool does not contain any bacteria, there is another danger we have to keep in mind. This danger is the chlorine itself. Depending on the type of chlorine used and the number of chemicals it contains, chlorine can have a negative and irritating effect on a woman’s vulva or vagina. Just as with bacterial infections, the symptoms of an irritated vagina or vulva can show up days or weeks after having actual underwater sex. But believe us when we’re saying that a red, swollen, itchy, and burning vulva or vagina really is killing the post-sex glow. Making one wonder whether taking the risk is all worth it or not?


Does underwater sex feel good?

So, we now know that underwater sex is not necessarily safe. But then why do still so many young couples want to give it a try? Well, the main reason behind this lies in the fact that underwater sex is often romanticized in movies and TV shows. We all know the romantic scenes in which a couple if kissing in the sea under the moonlight and a clear starry sky. Who wouldn’t want to share such a moment with his loved one, right?

Underwater sex seems both exciting and romantic, but does the act itself also feel good? The truth is that having sex underwater is completely different from having sex on land. It might sound a bit silly but when having underwater sex, lubrication is a real issue. Ironically, a woman’s natural lubrication is washed away underwater with the result that she won’t be wetter down there but drier instead. As of such, underwater sex can be a really uncomfortable or even painful experience for both men and women. It even won’t make any difference if you apply extra lube as, just as the woman’s natural lubrication, this will simply get washed away. Therefore it is a smart idea to prepare yourself for a ‘’not so smooth’’ experience when trying to have sex underwater.


Tips for having safe underwater sex

For those of you who have read all about the possible dangers related to underwater sex but still want to give it a try, we have the following useful tips:

Try it in the shower: if you really wish to have underwater sex but are a bit worried about bacteria and chemicals, the best way to do is to try it in the shower first. Shower sex is easy as it can be done at home. At the same time, it is exciting as it gives you this extra rush and thrill of doing something different. With shower sex, you can enjoy the pleasure of being wet, without needing to worry about too much water entering your private areas. This makes it much safer than, let’s say, having sex in a pool or lake. Just make sure to have an anti-slip mat in your shower and something to hold on to. This prevents you from slipping and getting injured while enjoying each others presence in the shower.


couple shower sex


Try different positions: as you might have realized already, the traditional missionary position does not really work underwater. This means that you’ll have to experiment around with different sex positions. When having underwater sex, chances are high that you’ll have to do it vertically. Wrap your legs around your partner or try it from the rear. Additionally, you can give oral sex to your partner when he’s floating on his back.

Keep it with foreplay: if you really want to keep it safe, why not keep it with foreplay? By simply touching each other underwater the chances of dirty water and bacteria entering your body are minimal. At the same time, underwater teasing is still exciting and thrilling. Once you’re both turned on, you can continue your sexual adventure back in the hotel or try some thrilling beach sex.

Be careful with STDs and pregnancy: no matter what you have heard, you have to understand that you can still get pregnant when having underwater sex. Sexual Transmitted Diseases and other infections can also be transmitted underwater. Therefore, it always is a smart idea to use a condom.

Public sex is illegal: an important thing to keep in mind when having underwater sex outdoors is the fact that public sex is illegal. In some countries, there are heavy punishments waiting for you if you get caught making love outside. So remember to keep it discreet and make sure nobody around you finds out what you are up too.


waterproof vibrator


Don’t forget about sex toys: just as with regular sex on land, sex toys offer great fun and excitement for underwater sex. Try to use a waterproof vibrator or prostate massager and experience a sexual thrill like no other. Using an adult toy underwater will certainly take your sexual experience to entirely new heights. For all the latest and most exciting sex toys for men and women alike, visit the Luvkis Online Store. Here you’ll find a vast collection of waterproof sex toys that are guaranteed to blow your mind.

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