Why and How to Introduce Adult Toys into Your Relationship

Why and How to Introduce Adult Toys into Your Relationship - Luvkis

There are numerous reasons why a person would like to experiment around with sex toys in their relationship. Bringing up this topic to your partner may, however, feel awkward and complicated. Whereas some people who have used sex toys for solo-masturbation before can imagine the thrills and pleasure couple sex toys can bring along, others may not be entirely familiar with it. The truth is, however, that adult toys offer a perfect way for fun-loving couples to add some more excitement to their relationship. Not only is it fun and thrilling, it also offers you an intimate way to further explore your relationship.

Although sex toys are being more and more socially accepted, it still might not be easy to bring this topic up for discussion with your partner. Many people, especially men, may feel like the introduction of a sex toy into your love life means that there is something wrong with it. This thought, however, could not be further from the truth. If you and your partner are willing and mutually acceptable about the use of a couple sex toy, it actually means that you are comfortable with one another. It means that you are ready to take your sexual relationship to the next level and share different types of pleasure with each other.

At LUVKIS, we naturally are a great supporter of using sex toys in a relationship. This is why we have prepared these useful tips for those of you who are ready to take the next step but are not sure how to start using adult toys as a couple. Keep on reading to find out exactly why and how to introduce sex toys into your relationship.


Bring the topic up for discussion

Just as with any other proposal to your partner, you’ll first have to bring up the topic for discussion. Sure, when it comes to sex, we all love it when our partner does something spontaneously and crazy from time to time to drive us wild. When it comes to adult toys, however, we would always advise you to first talk it over.


Couple Sex Toy Benefits


Different people react to things in different ways. If you would spontaneously pull out a sex toy from your drawer in the middle of a lovemaking session, there is a chance that you will drive your partner wild with excitement. However, there also is the chance that he or she will react to it in a more negative way and feel as if what you have been doing up until now was not satisfying for you. If this is the case, your exciting idea of introducing a sex toy into your relationship will, most likely, result in a lengthy and mood-killing discussion. You know your partner best and, if you believe the spontaneous introduction of a sex toy would turn him on, you can take the risk. In general, however, we would always advise you to first talk it over.


Be honest with yourself and your partner

In a relationship, nothing is more important than trust and honesty. This also is the case when you are trying to introduce an adult toy into your sex life. Be open and honest with each other about the things you do and don’t feel comfortable with. Be clear in what you want and don’t want to try. By doing so, you can both feel comfortable and at ease while playing around with your sex toy for the first time.


Couple Sex Toy Benefits


Also, it is important to be honest about the reason why you want to introduce a sex toy into your relationship. As it was said above, the introduction of an adult toy into your couple sex life does not necessarily mean something is wrong. Many of us are simply looking for something new and thrilling to take our relationship to the next level. No matter your reason, remember to be honest.


Pick your toys together

Shopping for a sex toy can be a fun and exciting activity to do on your own. But did you know that it can be even more exciting if you do it together with your partner? That’s right, looking for a pleasure product together with the intention to use it at each other offers a great way to level up the anticipation.



You can either do your couple sex toy shopping online or visit an actual adult pleasure store together. By doing so, you can have a look at the toys in real and get your questions answered by professionals. Visiting a sex toy shop together is guaranteed to open up your mind as it will introduce you to countless different ways to have fun with your partner.


Choose the right toy

As most of us know, sex toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Each different model has its own benefits and ways of pleasing the user. When choosing an adult toy you do, however, need to keep in mind which ones are meant for solo-masturbation and which ones can be used as a couple toy. The best sex toys for couples are easy to use during sex. Whereas some may only stimulate one of the partners, most will please both. The main goal of a couple sex toy is to increase your sexual pleasure and stamina so that you can enjoy each other longer and better.



Some great examples of sex toys for couples are a mini vibrator, wand massager, or a vibrating cock ring. Especially the latter is a great toy if you’re looking for something that pleases both the man and woman. A vibrating cock ring treats your partner to a stronger, larger, and longer-lasting erection whereas the vibrations further please both you and him. This ultimate couple toy is guaranteed to bring your sexual experience to entirely new heights.


Benefits of using a couple sex toy

Introducing an adult toy into your relationship might be fun and exciting, but there is so much more to it than that! Did you know that the use of sex toys does, in fact, bring along a number of health benefits? And that’s not all, the use of couple toys will furthermore strengthen your relationship and make you and your partner closer.



As most of us know, many women have difficulties to get an orgasm through sexual penetration alone. In this situation, an adult toy such as a mini vibrator can offer a great solution. By stimulating your partner’s clitoris while you’re having sex, you will be able to literally driver her wild. Having an orgasm brings along a number of health benefits including reduced stress and anxiety levels, better sleep, and an improved sexual performance. By using an adult toy, whether it’s alone or as a couple, you’ll be able to give your sexual health a considerable boost. Those of you who wish to know more about this matter can check out our previous article on the health benefits of masturbation and the use of adult toys. When considering to introduce an adult toy into your relationship, remember that it’s fun, healthy, and exciting. What more reasons do you really need? Visit the LUVKIS store today to find the latest couple sex toys and more!

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