All You Need to Know About Orgasms: Facts, Myths & Tips

All You Need to Know About Orgasms: Facts, Myths & Tips - Luvkis

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, young or old, there is one thing we can all agree about: orgasms are amazing! When you think about it, it’s almost unbelievable and crazy to know that our bodies are capable of delivering such a powerful and mind-blowing sensation. Orgasms surely are treating us to the ultimate form of pleasure.

Orgasms are indescribable and the feeling and pleasure they treat us too are hard to express in words. You simply have to experience them for yourself! The truth is, however, that not every orgasm is the same. Orgasms might differ in length and intensity, however, we at LUVKIS do not believe that there ever has been such a thing as a bad or negative orgasm!

Unfortunately, there are many people who have difficulties in reaching an orgasm. The truth is that there are plenty of people out there who have never experienced an orgasm before. Especially for women, it can be difficult from time to time to achieve that mind-blowing experience. If you are one of those men or women who have difficulties in reaching an orgasm, there is nothing to worry about. In fact, it is completely normal and relatively common. The truth is that, in order to reach that juicy orgasmic feeling, you simply need some practice and time.

In the meanwhile, let’s take some time to learn a little bit more about orgasms in general. Below, we have listed down a number of facts and common myths about orgasms. We also have added in a couple of tips and tricks that may help you in reaching that mind-blowing and sensational orgasmic experience.


FACT: Pressure and stress can keep you from reaching an orgasm

Being able to achieve an orgasm has a lot to do with our mental health. If you do not feel positive and comfortable, chances are high that you’ll experience difficulties in experiencing an orgasm. Mental stress and pressure can occur in different ways. Some can be caused by stress and external factors whereas others can be caused by your own thoughts and believes.


sexual health stress orgasms


Some men and women want to orgasms so badly that they can’t stop thinking about it. They put pressure on themselves and, while having sex, all they can think about is pushing themselves over the edge to reach that blissful experience. When this is the case, your thoughts may actually prevent you from having an orgasm rather than achieving one. The truth is that, no matter how well-equipped you are below the belt, our mind stays a powerful thing. In some cases it can work in our favor, however, it can also work against us.

The more pressure we put on ourselves to achieve an orgasm, the more difficult it becomes to achieve that goal. If you really want to reach an orgasm, it is important to let yourself go during sex and have a completely empty mind. Be free of inhibitions and totally relax. The less pressure and stress you feel, the more likely you will achieve that mind-blowing orgasm.

If you experience difficulties with letting your mind free and relax during sex, the best thing you can do is to focus on your breathing and senses. What are you hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting, or touching? Try to lose yourself in the moment and simply let your mind drift free. If you really find it difficult to relax, you can always try using some massage or pleasure oils that will help you clear your mind.


MYTH: Most women will orgasm from sexual penetration

When we watch a romantic movie or show, we mostly see a quick 30-second heterosexual sex scene that includes no foreplay or whatsoever and in which both partners orgasm at exactly the same time. The truth is, however, that actual real-life sex is completely different from what they show us in the movies.


Sexual Health Penetration Orgasms


In fact, only 15-30% of all women are able to reach an orgasm from sexual penetration alone. The truth is that, instead of penetration and internal stimulation, external stimulation is much more important for a woman. The most sensitive part of a woman’s body is her clitoris which is actually located above and outside of her vaginal canal. This is the reason why foreplay is so important while having sex. It also is one of the reasons why lesbian women have so much better sex than hetero women.

If you were having sex but never managed to reach an orgasm yet, remember that it is important to get enough clitoral stimulation. Engage in some exciting foreplay and keep on stimulating the clitoris during sex. You can either do this yourself or let your partner give a helping hand. Additionally, you can use a couple sex toy such as a vibrating cock ring that will stimulate both the man’s penis and the woman’s clitoris while having sex.


FACT: It is easier to reach an orgasm when you feel safe

Feeling safe and respected is extremely important for your sexual health. And as it might sound obvious, we do want to repeat it once again: sexual health is extremely important. It has been proven that, when a woman feels comfortable and respected by her partner, she’ll experience fewer difficulties in achieving an orgasm. Therefore it is important to talk with each other, respect each other, and to do it SAFE.


sexual health safety orgasms


Comfort your partner by telling him or her that you do not have any STD/STI and, while having sex, always use a condom. If you are using sex toys together, make sure to clean them before usage. It is easy for bacteria to hide inside these toys and you don’t want to give yourself an infection. Just remember to do it safely and there will be nothing to worry about while having sex. This allows you to completely free your mind and lost yourself in that blissful moment and, hopefully, explosive orgasm that will follow.


MYTH: Your partner is the one who makes you orgasm

Many guys and girls alike believe that it is their partner who gives them an orgasm. And although some may praise their partner for having great sex, others may blame it on their partner for not being able to reach an orgasm. The truth is, however, that nobody is reaching out orgasms to another. In fact, orgasms are not given but rather experienced by yourself. Sure, your partner helps you in getting there, but at the end, it is you who make yourself climax.


woman orgasm thoughts


The key to having an orgasm is to know your own body and to feel comfortable. If you know what turns you on, it will be significantly easier to feel comfortable and reach that climax. You can teach your partner how and where to touch you in a way that makes you feel most comfortable. Whether you’re into penetration, foreplay, or both internal and external stimulation at once; remember to tell your partner. After all, you can’t blame your partner for not feeling what you feel when playing around with your body. If you know what turns you on, make sure to share it with your boy or girl.


FACT: Men are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms

We have all heard about so-called multiple orgasms before, however, we mostly believe that only women can achieve them. The truth is, however, that also men are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms. That’s right! A man can have more than a single orgasm in one session of sex.


Male multiple orgasm


What most of us do not know is that, for a man, having an orgasm and ejaculating is not the same thing. It is actually possible for a man to orgasm without ejaculating. One way of doing so is through the stimulation of the prostate. Other ways to train yourself for multiple male orgasms is by engaging in Kegel exercises that will help you to strengthen your penis. Although it’s possible, it has to be understood that it won’t be easy. Reaching multiple orgasms for men certainly takes practice and perseverance. Once you have figured out how it works, however, it will be all worth it.


MYTH: Sex toys ruin your orgasms

Sex toys offer a great solution for men and women alike who experience difficulties in achieving an orgasm through regular sex. The truth is that sex toys such as vibrators offer a highly effective and intense way to achieve an orgasm. These beauties are capable of making anybody come.


Luvkis vibrator


There are many men and women out there who are curious about sex toys but do not give them a try because they are afraid of getting addicted. Also, many people are afraid that, after using a sex toy, regular sex won’t feel the same anymore. It is true that a person can get addicted to anything, however, one thing is certain - the use of sex toys does not make you incapable of enjoying regular sex. Sure, sex toys are incredible devices that have been designed to make you orgasm. They do, however, not affect your ability to enjoy regular sex or to climax in other ways. In fact, sex toys offer a safe and effective solution for people who experience difficulties in having an orgasm. This is why we at Luvkis would advise anybody to give them a try.

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